10 frequently asked questions about applying for technology voucher

1. What company or organization can apply for technology voucher TVP?

  • Companies registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (Chapter 310 of the Laws of Hong Kong), or;
  • A company established and registered in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622 of the Laws of Hong Kong), or;
  • A statutory body established in Hong Kong.
  • Not at the same timeListed companyorFunded by the government,And at the time of applicationSubstantive operation
  • General private companies (including unlimited companies or limited companies) will apply for TVP qualifications as long as they can prove that they have substantial continuing business.

2. How much subsidy can companies receive when applying for the Technology Voucher Scheme?

TVP Technology Voucher is a matching funding scheme with a matching ratio of 3:1 (government: enterprise), that is, the government funding ratio is 75%. A Hong Kong company can receive a maximum of 600,000 yuan in funding, and can apply for a maximum of 6 times.

3. Hong Kong companies shouldHow to apply for TVP technology voucher?

Go to the website of the Innovation and Technology Commission Technology Voucher Scheme: (https://tvp.itf.gov.hk/)Apply directly online. If necessary, you can also hire our technology voucher consultant to assist in the application.

4. Based on past experience, what technology projects can be funded by TVP technology vouchers?

In order to enhance corporate competitiveness, improve operations or assist in corporate transformation, technology vouchers will fund various technology systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce platforms (e-Commerce), online shopping systems, and enterprise resource planning (ERP), Accounting system, personnel management system and so on. However, only buying software or hardware for general purposes, such as using technology coupons to buy computers, printers or office software, is not eligible for the program’s funding purposes.

5. Why do I need a technology voucher consultant?

In fact, companies can apply for technology voucher by themselves. Of course, for companies that are not familiar with the application process and replying to the Secretariat’s questions, the application requires a lot of time and manpower. Therefore, companies may consider entrusting professional technology voucher consultants to assist. For companies applying for the first time, they need to study the application guidelines for technology voucher in detail to ensure that the company itself and the project to be applied for are qualified, and the process cannot be wrong, so as not to affect the application. Our technology voucher consultants have extensive experience and understand the application procedures and government requirements, which can reduce corporate manpower and time and increase the chances of success.

Our technology voucher advisory services:

1) For customers who want to get a better understanding of technology coupons, our technology coupon consultants can provide professional analysis to suppliers, use experience, data collection, in-depth communication to understand customer operating models, and provide advice on technology applications;

2) If the customer already has detailed project requirements, we can find suitable suppliers on the government website, and try our best to recommend well-documented system service providers to the customer to contact by themselves.

6. When can the technology voucher project be launched?

Starting from June 1, 2020, companies can start the technology voucher project the day after submitting the application at the earliest, and submit the relevant statement to the Innovation and Technology Administration within 5 working days thereafter.

7. Can technology companies apply for technology vouchers?

In principle, it is possible. However, according to the TVP application guidelines for technology voucher, in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest, the owner, director, shareholder or management of the project supplier shall not be the owner, director, shareholder, management or their relatives of the applicant enterprise. Suppliers are also not allowed to provide loans to applicant companies for technology voucher projects.

8. How to make a quotation for technology coupons?

Since technology voucher is funded by government public money, it needs to comply with the “Standard Quotation Procedure”, that is, at least 3 written quotations for projects of 50,000 to 300,000 yuan; at least 5 written quotations for projects of 300,000 to 1.4 million; 1.4 million Open bidding is required for more than RMB yuan.

9. Can the technology voucher involve a marketing plan?

Many companies promote online, such as buying keyword ads, writing copywriting and filming, etc. Technology coupons do not support this type of reimbursement. Remember, technology vouchers should be fully upgraded or converted using system solutions to enhance the development of the enterprise or improve services. All other operations expansion and asset purchases cannot be funded by technology vouchers.

10. Does the quotation of technology voucher require the lowest price?

Unless there are very sufficient justifications and the approval of the Innovation and Technology Commission has been obtained, all procurement items should follow the “lowest price” quotation.

If it intends to request high-priced suppliers, the applicant needs to provide the innovative technology organization with the supplier’s company profile, year of establishment, and number of employees for review by the innovative technology organization.

The Innovation and Technology Commission has the right to question the ability of suppliers and the fairness of procurement (for example, involving bid-rigging, conflicts of interest, etc.), and can also exclude designated suppliers or service providers, or require applicants to re-quote.

Documents required for application of the Technology Voucher Scheme

  • Business Registration Certificate (BR)
  • MPF contribution records for the past three months (signature and stamp required)
  • Annual Return (Natural Person Shareholder) (Signature and stamp required)
  • Have a copy of the documentary proof of the actual business operation in Hong Kong, and the business must be related to the application item (for example, invoices/receipts or commercial contracts issued within the last three months)
  • Copy of valid Hong Kong ID card or passport of the person signing the application form on behalf of the applicant company
  • A copy of a valid Hong Kong ID card or passport of a person with 30% or more ownership

The process of applying for technology voucher