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BUD Special Fund

BUD’s mainland plans and free trade agreement plans provide Hong Kong SMEs with up to $4 million in funding for brand development, upgrading and transformation, and marketing projects. The purpose is to enhance their competitiveness in the mainland, ASEAN, and free trade association markets.

Our BUD consultants will analyze client cases to assist in formulating application strategies, filling in application forms and assisting in responding to questions raised by the secretariat.

Technology Voucher Program TVP

The Technology Voucher Program (TVP) provides subsidies of up to HK$600,000 to small and medium-sized enterprises to help enterprises apply technology systems to enhance their competitiveness, improve operations, and upgrade and transform. The maximum funding rate is 75%. Applications for technology vouchers are accepted throughout the year. And can start the project immediately after submission

Our technology voucher consultants will check and ensure application documents, assist in formulating application strategies, assist in filling out application forms and respond to questions raised by the Innovation and Technology Bureau.

EMF Marketing Fund

Starting from January 20, 2020, the cumulative funding limit for each enterprise will be increased from 400,000 times to 800,000, and each application can be approved up to 100,000. The EMF Marketing Fund is designed to provide subsidies for SMEs to explore overseas markets (outside Hong Kong) and promote products to other regions. Funding projects include websites, online shops, online advertisements, exhibitions, and so on.

Our consultants will check to ensure that the application documents are correct, assist in filling out the application forms and respond to questions raised by the Secretariat.

Hong Kong Funding Consultants Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong Funding Consultants Co., Ltd. has the largest funding consultant team. Over the years, the senior consultant team has formulated the most suitable funding strategy and guidelines according to the development direction of different companies. We treat every customer with integrity. We first understand the development needs of customers and their business models, conduct in-depth evaluations for the company, and formulate the most suitable application strategy.

Hong Kong Consulting Services Co., Ltd. focuses on the BUD Special Fund Mainland Program, BUD Special Fund Free Trade Agreement Program, Technology Voucher (TVP), SME Market Development Fund, etc. We believe that with our richest experience, coupled with our most professional attitude, we can help our customers get the greatest funding as soon as possible to implement the development plan.

Website Design Service

For many people, the first time they encounter a particular company or company is through a smartphone or computer.

People will continue to browse the site to find relevant information before proceeding to the next step. However, if your company’s web design is not impressive, consider some redesign of the website. Of course, people will look at another website that looks more attractive.

Hong Kong's preferred SEO company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an indispensable part of any online marketing activities. Many companies spend a lot of time and money to design the best website and digital marketing strategy, but find that without SEO marketing, no one will see their company’s website in the first two pages of the Google search engine (SERP).

The main goal of SEO is to ensure that you pay as much attention to your website as possible. By ranking to the first two pages in the search engine rankings, you will find that you not only get more views, but also the views of high-quality customers who are already interested in your services or products. This directly leads to higher conversion rates, increased sales and higher revenues.

Although it is possible to work with international or overseas companies, SEO works best when working with people who understand the local market in which you operate. If you know what the locals think, then if you are interested in them, you will be more likely to attract them and cultural considerations. At Hong Kong Funding Co., Ltd., we are SEO experts. We rely on SEO to push several web pages about government funding to the homepage. This is the result of our actual combat. This is the reason for choosing our SEO service.

"BUD Special Fund"

New round of optimization measures

The new round of optimization measures implemented by the “BUD Special Fund” from January 20, 2020:

Expand the geographical scope of funding of the “BUD Special Fund” to cover all economies that have signed free trade agreements (free trade agreements) with Hong Kong#.

Increase the cumulative funding limit for each enterprise to 4 million yuan, including 2 million yuan for the implementation of projects in the Mainland and 2 million yuan for the implementation of projects in ASEAN and other free trade agreement economies.

Increase the initial funding ratio from 25% of the total approved government funding to as high as 75%…

Our service process

Understand the development needs of customers and
Its business model

Formulate application strategy and budget

Submit application and assist in application matters

Monitor project progress

Assist in completing the final results report

"Technology Voucher Scheme"

Relaxation measures started on August 14

Related organizations (ie, companies/organizations established as different legal entities but owned by the same person with 30% or more ownership) will no longer be regarded as the same organization to calculate the total amount of funding under the “Tech Voucher”.

“Technology Voucher” was launched in November 2016 to support local companies/organizations in using technology services and solutions to increase productivity or upgrade and transform their business processes.

  • Provide funding for the project with a matching model of 3 (government): 1 (enterprise/organization)
  • Cumulative funding limit for each enterprise/organization: HK$600,000
  • Each company/institution can be approved for up to 6 projects

The service plan includes the following aspects. Companies can use online stores/shopping platforms, mobile apps, VR, AR, POS systems, ERP enterprise management systems, customer appointment mobile phone systems, customer relationship management hands, fleet management mobile phone systems, and GPS positioning services, etc. .

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