Evaluation of government funding applications​​

The above evaluation is for reference only and does not constitute any guarantee or offer. The final entrustment agreement must be explained and signed by the technology voucher/BUD consultant and the customer.

How to conduct government-funded self-assessment?

As long as you enter the service platform and answer a few simple questions, you will immediately know whether the company/institution meets the basic application qualifications for TVP technology coupons or BUD special funds, and at the same time know that the main problem lies in the approximate approved amount of technology coupons. After completing the basic assessment, you can submit the company/institution and contact information, and the funding consultant can follow up immediately, accept the entrustment within 3 working days as soon as possible, and prepare to apply for technology voucher or BUD special fund.

If only a basic assessment is performed, it is completely prohibited to submit any personal and company information, and the service is completely free.